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«komakino.ch» welcomes you!

This is the website of komakino.ch containing lots of black and white and grey photographs. Things are changing fast, so please come and visit this page often.

Newest News

New photos from Mono's show at Fever in Shin-Daita.

New News

New photos include band pictures from Downy . I uploaded many photos from Japan taken in 2014 in Tokyo, Kyoto and Nagasaki.

New photos include band pictures from Bonnie Prince Billie and from MONO. I uploaded many photos from Japan taken in 2012 and 2013. Also new skateboarding photos have been added. And photos from Mexico (2013), Sri Lanka (2013/14) and Switzerland. Enjoy.


I uploaded photos from Mono, Boris, and envy. Furthermore, photos from Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Singapore are now online.

First, the photo collection from Japan 2010 are finally ready! Then, the photos from last years SHONEN KNIFE are online.
I also travelled around Nepal, Thailand, and Malaysia... and took some photos in color and black-and-white. I did three assignments in Nepal, taking photos of schools and kindergarten.
Everything is online now.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club played in Ebisu's Liquid Room. A very compact show, 2.5 hours long -- and I took photos: Click here!

Old News

The exhibition at the gallery «Place M» has started and will continue until August 24, 2008. «Place M» is located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. Check out the postcard invitation here! And the webpage of the gallery «Place M»!

WIRED Magazine liked my photo and chose it as "Top 10 Wired.com Food Photo".

My webpage is once again blocked in China -- the great firewall!

Beijing 2007.05 Photos are now online.
The photos from last year's MONO show in Zurich (Abart) were posted.
Photos from the bands Dawn, J and L Defer, and Gabardine are online now.

Komakino.ch has participated in an art exhibition in Tokyo, Japan. The title of the installation was "kaitenyamanote / after dark"; it was a joint project with sound (Steven Chodoriwsky) and projected photos (Matthias Frey).
Photos from the exhibition and further description are available under "Exhibitions." The exhibition catalog is now available.


This webpage is dedicated mainly to black-and-white photography. All the pictures were taken with analog cameras, the film was developed mainly by hand and the prints are hand-made, too. These prints were then scanned and put online. Unfortunately, a digital scan can never compete with a nice hand-made fibre-based print. Please keep that in mind. Nevertheless, enjoy the pictures.


Thanks to the 3 "M"s (Maja, Melissa, Michael) for testing, hints and helping!

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